Over the years, we have been asked to recommend readings on various design topics.
This is a list of our favorites.


- Dwell Magazine
- HOW Magazine
- ID Magazine
- Make Magazine
- ReadyMade Magazine
- Wired Magazine


Josef Albers
- Interaction of Color

Apple Computer
- Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines

Jay Appleton
- The Experience of Landscape

Carliss Baldwin & Kim Clark
- Design Rules, Vol. 1: The Power of Modularity

Jerome Barkow, Leda Cosmides, & John Tooby
- The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture

Krome Barratt
- Logic & Design in Art, Science, and Mathematics

Janine Benyus
- Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Peter Blake
- Form Follows Fiasco: Why Modern Architecture Hasn't Worked

Robert Bringhurst
- The Elements of Typographic Style

Henry Brown
- Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements

Joseph Campbell
- The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Stuart Card, Thomas Moran, & Allen Newell
- The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction

John Carroll
- Minimalism Beyond the Nurnberg Funnel
- The Nurnberg Funnel: Designing Minimalist Instruction for Practical Computer Skill

Steven Casey
- Set Phasers on Stun: And Other True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error

James Chiles
- Inviting Disaster: Lessons From the Edge of Technology

Frank D.K. Ching
- A Visual Dictionary of Architecture
- Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

Robert Cialdini
- Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Barbara Crisp
- Human Spaces

Henry Dreyfuss
- The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design
- Symbol Sourcebook: An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols

Will Eisner
- Comics & Sequential Art
- Graphic Storytelling

Kimberly Elam
- Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition

Nancy Etcoff
- Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty

Michael French
- Invention and Evolution

R. Buckminster Fuller
- Inventions: The Patented Works of R. Buckminster Fuller

Larry Gonick
- The Cartoon Guide to Genetics
- The Cartoon Guide to Physics
- The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
- The Cartoon History of the Universe Series

James Harris & Kevin Pui-K Li
- Masted Structures in Architecture

Grant Hildebrand
- Wright Space: Pattern and Meaning in Frank Lloyd Wright's Houses

Nigel Holmes
- Wordless Diagrams

William Horton
- The Icon Book: Visual Symbols for Computer Systems and Documentation

Irving Janis
- Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes

Franklin Day Jones
- Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors

Stephen Kosslyn
- Elements of Graph Design

Matthys Levy & Mario Salvadori
- Why Buildings Fall Down

John Lienhard
- The Engines of Our Ingenuity: An Engineer Looks at Technology and Culture

Maya Lin
- Boundaries

Ellen Lupton
- Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students

Kevin Lynch
- Good City Form
- The Image of the City

David Macaulay
- Castle
- Mill
- The New Way Things Work
- Pyramid
- Underground

Benoit Mandelbrot
- Fractal Geometry of Nature

Margaret Mark & Carol Pearson
- The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes

Scott McCloud
- Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Clement Mok
- Designing Business: Multiple Media, Multiple Disciplines

Oscar Newman
- Creating Defensible Space

Donald Norman
- The Design of Everyday Things
- The Invisible Computer
- Things That Make Us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine

Charles Perrow
- Normal Accidents: Living With High Risk Technologies

Henry Petroski
- The Evolution of Useful Things
- Invention by Design; How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing
- The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance
- Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering
- Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design
- To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design

Wolfgang Preiser & Elaine Ostroff
- Universal Design Handbook

James Reason
- Human Error

Tony Robbin
- Engineering a New Architecture

Mario Salvadori
- Why Buildings Stand Up

William Sargant
- Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing

Herbert Simon
- The Sciences of the Artificial

William Strunk & E.B. White
- The Elements of Style

Edward Tenner
- Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences

Rob Thallon
- Graphic Guide to Frame Construction: Details for Builders and Designers

Jan Tschichold
- The Form of the Book

Edward Tufte
- Envisioning Information: Narratives of Space and Time
- The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
- Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative

Mark Twain
- How to Tell a Story and Other Essays

Paco Underhill
- Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

Steven Vogel
- Cats' Paws and Catapults: Mechanical Worlds of Nature and People

Robin Williams
- The Mac is Not a Typewriter

Denise Winn
- The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning, and Indoctrination

Richard Saul Wurman
- Information Anxiety 2

Leslie Zebrowitz
- Reading Faces: Window to the Soul?